ERRORR - Self Destruct (PRE-ORDER)
ERRORR - Self Destruct (PRE-ORDER)

ERRORR - Self Destruct (PRE-ORDER)

Anomic Records

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Number of Tracks: 12
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: Translucent Blue
Jacket: Semi Gloss w insert


Shortly after their (so far) biggest sold-out headline show in their hometown Berlin, the shoegaze/post-punk band ERRORR are releasing the new single Paranoia and announcing their long awaited debut album Self Destruct, which will be released physically and digitally on the 3rd of March 2023 via Anomic Records.

Paranoia is a pop song drowned in feedback and fuzz, inspired by The Jesus And Mary Chain.

"When I wrote the song, I was listening a lot to early The Jesus and Mary Chain. I liked the idea of songs like "Upside Down" - to take something clean and make it dirty rather than the other way around. It became the main idea of the whole album.
I wanted the songs on the full album to be direct, short, and to the point."
Bandleader Leonard explains.

Thematically the song reflects on possible personal issues and anxiety - this bad feeling you can't get rid of, that everything is going to go wrong. It was written based on a reoccuring nightmare Leonard was having and the way he dealt with it was to remind himself: I'm just being paranoid. "That helped even though sometimes I wasn't sure." he's joking.

Maybe Paranoia can motivate you if you're going through something similar or it can at least make you nod your head to it - nothing complicated, just Rock'n'Roll.

This is the fourth track to be revealed from the debut album Self Destruct, which will be released on the 3rd of March 2023 via Anomic Records.

The Album will be released on vinyl in 3 different versions and colors. Self Destruct will be available on red vinyl everywhere at a record store near you. There is a limited edition in blue only available through Anomic Records and in the US only via Little Cloud Records. A special edition in white will be available exclusively via FUZZ CLUB.

The track, as well as the full album was recorded in Leonard's own basement studio. It was mixed there as well as in Gothenburg's Svenska Grammofonstudion, one of the most prestige-filled music studios in the north of Europe and run by Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm who is known from The Soundtrack of Our Lives. The master was done by Frederic Kevorkian who has mastered greats like The White Stripes, Ryan Adams, Beyonce, Iggy Pop and many more.

Errorr was started by Leonard Kaage, who took the opportunity to start creating on a blank canvas with his own instrumentation, production and arrangement in 2019.The first demos were developed in his studio, whenever he found time between recording jobs and tours in Europe, Asia and the US. After a few months the characteristic sound of Errorr found its shape: Loud guitars and fuzz bass supported by catchy drum beats. Leonard's soft voice cuts through the mighty 'Wall of Sound' and transforms beautiful 'noise' into pop.

The Swedish multi-instrumentalist is also known as the producer and guitar player of The Underground youth and has worked with numerous other bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Holy Motors, Kristof Hahn (SWANS), Tracy Bryant, Tess Parks, The Blue Angel Lounge and many more.

With Nick Mangione and Andre Leo (Medicine Boy, Wombed) joining him on Bass and Guitar, the band has now developed into a 4-piece which incorporates a wide range of rock genres including noise-, post-punk and shoegaze elements and is inspired by a lot of great rock bands of the early 90s. Avant-Garde bands like Sonic Youth, Pixies and My Bloody Valentine are seen as pioneers in their raw and honest interpretation of rock'n'roll and punk rock.