Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Inca Missiles (PRE-ORDER)
Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Inca Missiles (PRE-ORDER)
Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Inca Missiles (PRE-ORDER)
Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Inca Missiles (PRE-ORDER)

Tibetan Miracle Seeds – Inca Missiles (PRE-ORDER)

Fuzzed Up Records/Astromoon Records

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Number of Tracks: 10
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: Amber Splatter/Black
Jacket: Full Color

 *RELEASES November 15, 2021

Fuzzed Up and Astromoon Records are excited to announce 'Inca Missiles' the debut album from Tibetan Miracle Seeds. Inca Missiles is the brainchild of Dundee native Jack McAfee and was partly inspired by his travels across the indigenous regions of South America.

 Album opener and debut single 'Ideas' sets the tone of the album with hypnotic tanpura drones which melt into the guitars and slow bass line while McAfee sings of people being unwittingly trapped in the system.

 Follow up single 'Boa Constrictor' is an altogether heavier affair with rock'n'roll at the forefront while still retaining that sense of spirituality. But the real centrepiece of this record is revealed when you flip it over to side two! Didgeridoo vibrations open this half of the album which segue in to the masterful 3 track onslaught of 'Melted Welly', '12 Angled Stone' and title track 'Inca Missiles' a 12-minute (Inca) medley which effortlessly marries McAfee's writing styles and takes the album, and the listener, on a journey through sound using many indigenous instruments that complement the guitars and drums which stand up front!!

 Written, performed, and produced by McAfee, with the help of The Kundalini Genie's Robbie Wilson, who took on drumming duties and producer Jason Shaw, who also took on the role of expertly mixing and mastering the record. Inca Missiles is a modern psych record that, at its heart, perfectly captures that Autumn feeling when evenings are long, and the weather is good and invites you to open your mind to different ways of living...