Verstärker - Aktivität - SOLD OUT!! Go to
Verstärker - Aktivität - SOLD OUT!! Go to
Verstärker - Aktivität - SOLD OUT!! Go to

Verstärker - Aktivität - SOLD OUT!! Go to

Tonzonen Records

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Number of Tracks: 5
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color: Transluscent Red
Jacket: Gatefold Sleeve

Krautrock from Kentucky!? - Doodlehound, 2016

From what I get Verstärker is a very young band literally a handful of shows in with one album to present. A suggestion via Modern Cult Records led me buying this slice of aural intrigue, describing it as exactly the quote to open this review. But it goes beyond that with sounds heavily based in psychedelic and modern space rock. I do like the artwork as it's a contrast to most kraut bands wildly colorful and busy art in favor of something sharp and minimal not too much unlike some album covers by  faust. The presentation is something I enjoyed.

From the opening electronic drones leading into the growing jam of "Mit Glück" it's clear that Verstärker show their influences towards kraut & psych such as Amon Düül 2, Faust, Ulan Bator and Ash Ra Tempel to name a few. A groove is locked in by the rhythm but a swath of effects loop around the music leading into the guitar joining along to kick-start the song into overdrive. The tempo stays relatively upbeat even in it's most spacious portions throughout the eleven minute duration. 

The transition between songs is so concise it almost appears as a single massive song based on casual listen, teetering into all forms of electronic weirdness and explosive power such as the track "Abstrakt/Konkret". Side B deviates into a buzzing dark industrial sound before shifting to a synth-driven jam resembling a jammed-out version of Kraftwerk before coming full circle in the intense closer that is the title track spinning back into a warped amplified euphoria. 

Aktivität feels like a freeform exploration, as if you're in a vehicle motoring straightforward with an endless sea of trippy atmosphere to take in on any aural direction you so choose to "look" at. The trio behind this band knew their influences well and implicate them into one fun instrumental piece. For me it'd be a solid "long drive" album observing endless seas of trees and mountains with only a path of charcoal gray as the guide.