Magic Shoppe - In Parallel (Sam Giles Vinyl Replica CDr Edition)
Magic Shoppe - In Parallel (Sam Giles Vinyl Replica CDr Edition)

Magic Shoppe - In Parallel (Sam Giles Vinyl Replica CDr Edition)

Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz Records

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 We're pleased to announce the first joint release between Little Cloud Records (US) and Cardinal Fuzz (UK) for Magic Shoppe's new full length title - In Parallel. The record will be officially released on August 31st (USA) and September 7th (Europe).
Magic Shoppe hail from Boston, Massachusetts; a psychedelic garage rock quartet who understand how to manoeuvre sounds in order to create dreamy, guitar-laden soundscapes.
Magic Shoppe are Josiah Webb - Guitar/Vocals, Richie Gibson - Guitar, Stevie Moonboots - Bass and Dave Mulvaney - Drums .
Known from their spellbinding live performances under liquid lights, their recordings attempt to capture the essence of hypnotic reverb rock. They entered into public consciousness with the release of EP Interstellar Car Crash in February 2016 which encompassed feedback frenzies, metronomic beats and reverb harmonies, receiving acclaim across the psychedelic community. This was closely followed by debut LP Wonderland which saw a move toward warm, fuzzy vibes with dual vocal harmonies, delay enhanced riffs and lashings of delay.
Following on from the success of Wonderland (now sold out) and a slot at the influential Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, In Parallel is just what we have been waiting for and everything we hoped they would deliver. Opening with the white hot rush of White Coat Syndrome, from there on after you are treated to all that we love about Magic Shoppe - layers of fuzz, swirling reverb, hazy as the golden sun vocals atop motorik beats and tambourines as a love of all things Kevin Shields and late 80’s drone underground music cascades out of the speakers. Magic Shoppe delve even deeper when they cover Heroin by The Velvet Underground - a perfect track for Magic Shoppe to cover as with their devotion for Drone and Repetition they create a thunderous kaleidoscopic tripped out mantra. 

Magic Shoppe will be touring the EU/UK this October:


Available for purchase through Bandcamp