The Confederate Dead – Barakallah
The Confederate Dead – Barakallah
The Confederate Dead – Barakallah

The Confederate Dead – Barakallah

Psychedelic Salad Records

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Number of Tracks: 10
Vinyl Size: 12-inch
Revolutions: 33rpm
Vinyl Color:
  Transparent Magenta and Natural Marble and Transparent Blue and Natural Marble
Jacket: Semi gloss

The Confederate Dead are an interesting psychedelic rock/neo-psych band from Portsmouth, England. What makes this particular band unique is that they have very fascinatingly and appealingly mixed modern neo-psychedelia and psychedelic rock with Eastern influences, along with vocals that are in Arabic and remind some sort of calls for prayer or perhaps related to sufism. Although the content of these vocals is of course out of my crasp since I do not understand any Arabic. Either way they manage to mix these different dimensions in a way that is very catchy and mellow, yet in a way mystical in a sufism kind of sense, while somtimes taking on an eerie feel as well. One would just have to listen to tracks like ''You, there'' or the more darker psych rock of Astaghfirullah from the album titled Barakallah to see what I am talking about.

Of course The Confederate Dead are not only about mixing psychedelic rock with Eastern and (mystical) islamic influences, but have many tracks with vocals that are in English and have a shoegaze/neo-psych feel. The best of which is perhaps a track titled ''79, 52...'', which starts off as mellow neo-psych and evolves into some fine catcy psychedelic noise rock riffage. The Confederate Dead also pack some more conventional psychedelic rock tracks that have a more mellow psych rock and even shoegaze feel. The best examples of which are Take Your Time, She's Not Right, No Need To Hide and Where Flowers Grow. All of them reminding many different neo-psych bands, but also bands like The Telescopes. The vocals also tend to be mellow neo-psych ones for the most part. Excluding the tracks that have vocals that are essentially excerpts in Arabic.

All in all The Confederate Dead are a very fascinating psychedelic rock band, as they have on certain albums like Barakallah done something truly unique, and ventured into the previously unexplored realm of mixing Arabic speech/vocals with psychedelic rock. The outcome of which has been extremely appealing and mystical. And sometimes when accompanied by a video, quite amusing as well. Check them out. Although information about this band on the internet is pretty scarce.

-Kurrent Music