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Cardinal Fuzz Records/All Time Low/LittleCloud Records



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Demian Castellanos via Cardinal Fuzz, All Time Low and Little Cloud Records are excited to get out for your listening pleasure Volume 3 in the Kyvu series - via Demian's archives.

"Here's The Kyvu Tapes Vol.3,
Some more tracks I've found from my cassette transfers a couple of years ago, and re-explored recently to see what else is there.

It's a strange thing, going down a lot of memory lanes and remembering the people I met, the way that I felt.. or the people I didn't meet and the alienation, an alienation that seems similar now.

All the tracks were recorded between 1989-92 (if my memory serves me correctly).

Most tracks were recorded in Cornwall at my mum's house in a village called The Lizard.
A mesmerising part of the world overlooking the Atlantic and Kynance Cove, a strange rock that adds to the mystery of the place.
These were times of intense self-exploration, ocean gazing and loneliness.

Other tracks were recorded in a basement flat in Shepherds Bush, London where I lived on my own for a few months in 1991. I have some nice memories of being there seeing lots of great bands and spending a lot of time working in peace, having moved to London for the first time.

And finally I think Zero Point may have been recorded when I lived in Cambridge for a while or in Seven Sisters back in London.

I moved around or moved house/town/city quite a lot back then but would often, and inevitably, find myself retreating back to the tranquility and desolate beauty of The Lizard where I would find and lose myself, recuperate, dreams and fears intertwined, walking across a strange and dramatic landscape, staring at the sea and wondering what might lie ahead if only I could make something happen.

I can now hear elements of what would become The Oscillation.

It’s a great liberation and consolidation to get these old recordings out there. I ain’t claiming to split the atom here, but thanks for listening, and if you enjoy any of it, or it helps your mood or day, that makes me happy. " Demian Castellanos

released April 26, 2020

Photo from 1992 (I think)
Image manipulated by Julian Hand

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