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I'm LuLu a black cat organnly from ATL GA now residin in beauty full Oceanside CA. Welcom 2 my rekkid review bloge. Plz subscribe 2 my album reviews n send me a venmo.
UPDATE: Sadly, LuLu has passed away. She's in heaven with her parents and siblings now... surely critiquing everything in sight...

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (2021 reissue, Domino)

Rating: Fuk u
Reviewer: LuLu Full of Evil

Organnly realized in 1991 Loveless by My Bloody Valentine is bein re-realized by Domino Recording Company. Dany put this rekkid on while I was sittin under he’s coffee table while he smokin up a storm. I was aslepp restion peace full when I thot Dany began run vacyume cleaner which he do may be 1 time a year when he thinks grill coming over. I try 2 get away from the sound n hige under crouch butt it only get louder n last all most hour (the door to bed was closet). It was terriple imo. That is y i rate Loveless by My Bloody Valentine a big “fuk u” n I hope Dany never play it again. I would much rather listen 2 Cosmo’s Factory by Creedance Clearwater Revival, the gr8test rekkid ov all time. 

Reverends - The Disappearing Dreams of Yesterday (Little Cloud Records 2019)

Rating: Fuk u
Reviewer: LuLu Full of Evil

Dany n he’s frams made these record n Make Nesquik put it out. I was there 4 all of it. Butt jus cuz Dany make it n Make put it out donut mean I will be partial n my review.

The album start with a song call “Svetlana” which seem 2 have Dany doing his best Emo Philips while all so soundin very emo imo lick som1 cut he’s balls off (i saw him get out of shower n he still has at lest 1). One lyrics is Dany saying somethin about a chick have-ing her head on his pillow. That donut happen, only i has slepp n Dany’s bed n he n I has been 2gether 4 4 may be 5 year.

TBH I skip most of the tracks butt I do lick 1 track, its call the Greater Roadrunner. 1. I lick it cuz it is v v heavy n good 2 get stome 2, it save the album from bein terriple. 2. It is the last song meanin the album is over n I donut have 2 hear it n e more. I think these rekkid is v borin n sad n I rate it “K” cuz of the last track. No, nm I rate it “fuk u” cuz it terriple. It is not nearly as good as Cosmo’s Factory by Creedance Clearwater Revival, which is a masterpiece of Rock N Roll.

Rebel Drones - Abusing the System (Little Cloud Records 2018)

Rating: FUK U
Reviewer: LuLu Full of Evil

Mate Hollyweird was my roommate 4 long time, he feeded me n clean my liter box butt these will not afect my review.

These album was record b4 i was born butt not realized until i was lick 3 yeras old. It is a dobble album n has a wasp on the cover. I h8 wasps 1 time my uncle Sherlock got stinged by 1 n hes paw swell up 3x it normal size. It look lick a big glove imo. 

Rebel Drones was a superb group w members of Federale, Cocaine Unicorn, the Dandy Warhols, Magic Fingers, The Hollow Sidewalks, The Magic Sidewalks, The Sidewalk Massacre, The Exploding Sidewalks, and Robin Banks’s band, the Robin Banks Band. After inspectioning the inner sleeve it all so appears Nikolai Yezhov may have previously been a member.

The first song is lick 20 minutes long instemental, and i think it was real good. The second song Mate Holyweird was singin real low n slow lick the time Dany made him take huge shots of nyquil and they set off fireworks n our house. That when I realize my turntable was playing the wrong speed. I fixed it and the album imediately became terriple. I stop listenin when i became distracted by a reflection on the wall from dany’s table mirror.  

You would has 2 be boofin ketamine 2 enjoy these album imo. All so 4 a album feturing dandy warhols i was dispointed w lack of songs about cars. I rally lick cars and am goin 2 get my license soon. When I do I will drive round listenin 2 a munch better album, The Greatest Album of All Time, Cosmo’s Factory by Creedance Clearwater Revival.

Magic Shoppe - Live In London (Little Cloud Records/The Acid Test Recordings 2020)

Rating: FUK U
Reviewer: LuLu Full of Evil

I has never ben a big fan of Live albums (Agharta by Miles Davis a ception) so when dany made me stop watchin forensic files n force me 2 listen 2 In London Live at the Magik Shoppe i was not 2 please. But since it my job i did it n e way.

On these partic evenin the Magick Shoppe was hostin an event by the Fraternity of Christian Athletes. 1st off these guys play there guitar way 2 loud imo lick a sputterin leaf blower, n the person “singin” sound lick he trap n a can of fancy feast. Like seriusoly i dunno where in the shoppe he was singin from butt some1 need 2 check on him. All so idk what he singing about but the sound of it i m pretty sure they r promoting Abstinence which is v borin 2 me. 0000000000asl3290.. watever happen 2 rock bands singin about sex drugs n ramble tamble?

Nother thing durin 1 song u can cleary make out 2 audience members disucssin The Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty . The ABMT was sign n 1972 betwen the US n USSR 2 limit the number of ABM facilty each country has 4 its defences. After disolution of USSR the former Soviet states stay on w the treaty b4 GW Bush withdraw the US in 2001 endin the treaty. 1 of the audience member clearly made mistake of sayin Russian President Vladimir Putin withdraw from the treaty but these is demonstrably false n show u how stuped they r imo.

All so a Live album is n completed until the drummer is allow 2 sing 1 love ballad w a piano . Terriple imo.