About Us

Little Cloud Records was founded in October 2016 by Mike Nesbitt, Josiah Webb and Joe Nesbitt (Nicholas Hennig joined the LCR team in 2018). What started as a way to release Magic Shoppe records quickly became a vehicle for releasing vinyl for other bands we dig. This includes releases from Pete International Airport (Pete Holmström of Dandy Warhols), Firefriend (São Paulo psych warlords), New Candys (dark psych rockers from Venice, Italy), The Orange Kyte (tripped-out Irish transplants living in Vancouver, BC)... and many more bands since we launched!

For our vinyl releases, we're also partnered with Cardinal Fuzz & The Acid Test Recordings in the UK. For digital distribution we use our own service to plaster your bits across the usual suspects... like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and many more.

We're always into checking out new music, so if you have bedroom and/or multi-million dollar studio recordings you'd like us to listen to... shoot us an email with some links to your stuff using the form below.  If we like what we hear and feel you would be a good addition to the roster, we'll be in touch!



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