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Rhys Bloodjoy - Human.Pattern.Repeat.

Rhys Bloodjoy - Human.Pattern.Repeat.

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This is the debut album by Rhys Bloodjoy.

"...what can only be described as a stroke of master craftmanship. ‘Run From the Hunter’ takes a pulsating motorik beat, adds layers of crazed, warped guitar riffs and sprinkles subversive lyrics on top for good measure...‘Celebration’ ranks the tempo right up and requires the volume to do the same in order to appreciate the finer nuances that are wrapped within the enthralling layers of sound that are released." - Backseat Mafia

"...RUN FROM THE HUNTER and CELEBRATION are two nightmarish steamrollers that will blow you off your socks. Two hellish jackhammers messing your poor mind up with diabolic beats and intimidating booms. Electro-industrial madness mixed with psycho wave lunacy. Bloodcurdling synths whipped up by a bone-chilling artist who obviously loves to make your hair in your neck stand up and bombards your nervous system with destructive vehemence and scary vocals. These phobic drones should be integrated into the soundtrack of post-apocalyptic horror series The Walking Dead. Sonic insanity, indeed. Terrifying commotion..." - Turn Up The Volume! (PICK OF THE DAY)

"...somewhere between Suicide and The Cramps, with hints of early Cabaret Voltaire. It nag, nag, nags and stomps away, gnawing at the senses and the cerebellum, while also battering the body with its insistent beat and sawing synthesizer groove. Fucking yes..." - Whisperin' and Hollerin'

The beats and music on this record were created using an
acoustic guitar and looper/fx pedals. All songs written,
recorded and mixed by Rhys Bloodjoy. Art by Rogue Bear.

© 2020 Sister 9 Recordings

Note: play loud for medicinal use | 432Hz |

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