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Little Cloud Records/Cardinal Fuzz Records

The Asteroid No. 4 - Re-Introducing...

The Asteroid No. 4 - Re-Introducing...

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Originating in Philadelphia in the mid-1990s and heavily inspired by the “shoegaze” bands of the years prior, The Asteroid No.4 released a series of 7” singles and comp appearances as their sound continued to evolve. In September 1998, “Introducing”, was released to critical acclaim and branded as an “uncommonly original and innovative space-rock album for the latter 1990s”. Considered a pylon of the “Psychedelphia” scene that also included luminaries Lilys, Bardo Pond and Azusa Plane, reviews consistently cited Syd-era Pink Floyd, The 13th Floor Elevators, Hawkwind and early-Verve as the inspirations heard on the album. The album was culmination of everything the band is still known for today where elements of the aforementioned UK shoegaze sound interweaves with the first wave of psychedelic rock, 70s German experimental, and the “Paisley Underground”. This 3 LP deluxe and digitally remastered reissue on Little Cloud Records celebrates the 25th, “silver” anniversary of the long-standing, cult band’s debut LP with updated cover art and a bonus disc with rarities and unreleased tracks spanning 10 years. 

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