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The Black Doors - SPIRITS

The Black Doors - SPIRITS

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Channeling dark powers from within, The Black Doors have unleashed their third album Spirits. Gathering inspiration from fear, loss and love found during the pandemic alongside themes from Victorian spiritualism, Spirits evokes strong emotions while balancing the extremes of piercing melodies and raucous cacophony.

Persevering through strange times, the band (Allison Green, Topher Walberg, Brian Gardiner) ambitiously recorded Spirits at their respective home studios, with the exception of the supernatural vocals tracked at Singing Sands Studios in Portland, OR.

Allison Green’s haunting voice wails and wanes against cutting drums and swirling guitars, leading the listener to question at times if the record itself is possessed. Joining forces with Portland based Little Cloud Records, The Black Doors continue to deliver devilish good fun.

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