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"Though Acid Rooster have flown their freak flag high for many moons, the band only released their impressive S/T debut very recently. And not to exaggerate — ‘Acid Rooster‘ is one of the best contemporary psych records around, (...). Mainlining the spirit of Agitation Free, Neu! or any of the well known German psych and krautrock pioneers, Acid Rooster’s partially-written and part-improv take on free-thinking psych is equal parts monolithic and hypnotic, executed with genuine conviction – it’s like being catapulted into orbit by wave after cosmic wave in a maelstrom of psychedelic flavors, whether it’s blistering guitar pyrotechnics or the downtempo check-ins with your consciousness. It’s Acid Rooster’s strength to relentlessly take you well beyond the astral planes."
(Roadburn / Walter Hoeijsmakers)
"It is solid gold from start to finish. (...) Every time you think they’ve taken a break, given you a bit of a breather, a slow track to let you regain your senses, you quickly realise that no, the drop in tempo is purely there so they can wind it up, and up, and up again, until we are once more in orbit. (...)
This is one of the best contemporary psych records I’ve heard, not just of this year but of any year! Buy it and let it take you to special places." (Echoes & Dust / Dan Salter)
"This self-titled LP has that indescribable something else that takes it above the herd… that joie d’vivre that gives music like this an edge… a degree of tightness and excitement that takes it above and beyond." (The Fragmented Flaneur)
"Acid Rooster are pretty much a wet dream for heads who cram their cabinets with Amon Düül, Spacemen 3, Wooden Shjips and Magma. The dynamics of this band diverge from weightless, spaced out aerobatics to the more sublime, monolithic jams. These guys deliberately avoid generic and succinct ditties: each track is an epic journey into experimental rock’s most uncharted domains."
(Le Guess Who?)
"All in all, it's a fantastic album, and a thoroughly impressive first LP. If you dig on psychedelic rock, do not let this one slip past you unheard. And if you check that box and also like to get your music on vinyl, move fast, as I expect the three hundred copies pressed on that format to move fast." (The Burning Beard / Gabriel)
"When the feedback kicks in we are into total freak-out territory" on Acid Rooster's debut studio LP, "an adrenaline kick to get your spaceship smashing into hyperspace. (...) The whole album has a wonderful warm feel to it, but also one that takes your mind to other places as it winds its way around its six tracks." (Freq / Gary Parson)
"Acid Rooster’s debut self-titled album has been the biggest surprise of 2019. (...) This album is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, leaving the listener exhausted after a nail biting journey through the cosmos. Every album has a story to tell. How does it go for you? Me? I think it deserves an Oscar!!" (Psych Lovers/ Ian Mc Glynn)
"Their self-titled debut is easily one of the most pleasant psychedelic albums of 2019. It follows in the footsteps of a band like Amon Düül, yet with the sound of the current wave of psych (think for example of 10 000 Russos or Minami Deutsch). Acid Rooster doesn't devolve in doom and gloom and heads for victory beyond space.“ (Sonic Whip)
"This album is great one of the best debuts I have heard in sometime. This is a must hear underground band! their liquid smooth guitar leads, synth overlays and twisted effects all meld into a beautiful wall of psychedelic rock of the highest degree." (The Psych Rock)
"The band moves fluidly from soaring cosmic drone-riffs to screeching alien pandemonium. Guitars are enhanced by mellotron, sitar and synthesizer. Songs often build from a slow-burn mind trip to a galactic intensity. “Acid Rooster” is the real thing. This is a journey that requires seatbelts." (The Quaker Goes Deaf)
"Este é um álbum de propriedades psicotrópicas que perpetua o ouvinte num paradisíaco atordoamento capaz de o embevecer e embaciar do primeiro ao derradeiro minuto. Não será nada fácil despertar deste verdadeiro sonho acordado."
(El Coyote / Nuno Teixeira)
"Todo un viaje sideral de una intensidad superlativa en el que el hipnotismo de la kosmische musik de mediados de los setenta se ve reflejada con precisión. Magnéticos desarrollos drone acompañados de un motor rítmico implacable en los que los efectos y sintetizadores crean sonidos envolventes que nos aturden y adormecen para que el trayecto sea mas placentero." (DenpaFuzz / Roberto Lucas)
"Mit „Acid Rooster“ ist Acid Rooster ein beachtenswertes Werk im Bereich der kosmisch-psychedelischen Rockmusik gelungen." (Babyblaue Seiten / Siggy Zielinski)
"Die sechs Tracks zeigen das, was die Band, die sich schon seit der Kindheit kennt, auszeichnet: einen von Gitarren dominierten Mix aus Stoner, Acid Rock und Krautrock. "Oculatus Abyss" und "Sulfur" mit all dem Zischen hinter den Gitarren sind feinster Space Rock, letzteres - garniert mit Saxophon - erinnert gar an Hawkwind. "Moon Loop" besitzt einen wunderbar satten und zähen Groove. Ganz anders das schwebende ruhige "Time Lapse", das ebenso relaxt wie geschmeidig daher kommt." (Eclipsed Rock Magazin / Bernd Sievers)

Recorded by Jan Werner & Frank Oberländer at Zentralantiquariat Leipzig. Mixed by Jan Werner. Mastered by Bernhard Götz. Artwork by Christian Kröber.

Acid Rooster are:
Sebastian Väth: guitar
Max Leicht: bass, sitar, synthesizer, mellotron
Steffen Schmidt: drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Jan Werner: 12-string guitar on Moon Loop & Äther
Bodo Hansen: synthesizer on Sulfur & Focus
Christopher Kunz: tenor saxophone on Sulfur
Patrick Schönfeld: throat singing on Moon Loop

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