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Ancient River - The House Of Stone

Ancient River - The House Of Stone

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Ancient River welcomes you to the House of Stone. The 8th full length album from the American band and their 2nd release in 2020. All the bands strengths are on full display on this album with 13 tracks seamlessly moving through elements of rock, garage, psych, folk and beyond.
In contrast to the bands previous album 2020’s After the Dawn, which was a showcase for the bands classic and well known 2 piece set up, The House of Stone finds the band expanding their sonic possibilities in the studio with multi tracking on some tracks while other tracks were cut completely live.
This album has all the characteristics to be a mid fidelity classic sitting comfortably in the bands body of work. For a band that has released 8 albums to date, lyrically there are some songs on this album that are guitarist J. Barreto’s most gritty and edgy yet. The House of Stone is a solid release sure to make audiophiles feel happy and secure in otherwise troubling times.

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