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Weird Beard are very happy to welcome Black Tempest back to the fold.
Following on from 2018's Psyberspace, Psyborg sees Black Tempest fully embrace the space rock vibe with vocals & visceral guitars taking a leading role in the 8 tracks on offer here.

In Stephen's own words: In the grand tradition of space rock, Psyborg is a tale of the juxtaposition and opposition of human consciousness and the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. Broadly speaking, the digital sections of music represent the AI, and the analogue elements represent human consciousness. As is the way with music, each of these elements can also be found within each other - so in the end you can view the AI/Human relationship as a Yin/Yang combination. As the story progresses, both parties realise that they need each other to survive, and a third possibility arises. At the end of the day, this is an old fashioned love story.

Limited to 250 copies on stunning blue on blue splatter, the first 50 copies will come with a bonus download of the companion EP, Psyborg Augmented.
If you don't manage to grab one of the first 50, Stephen has very kindly offered to make the tracks available on the Psych Against Cancer bandcamp page, with all proceeds from that going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

All music & lyrics by Stephen Bradbury
Mastered by John McBain
Artwork by David Drew Longey

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