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Little Cloud Records/Up In Her Room/Infinite Spin

Dreamweapon - Ars Moriendi

Dreamweapon - Ars Moriendi

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We are stoked to announce we have joined forces with Little Cloud Records and Infinite Spin Records to bring you the new album, Ars Moriendi by dreamweapon!

Hailing from Porto, Portugal, dreamweapon is the brain child of 10000 Russos former bass player André Couto.

Ars Moriendi is regarded as the end of an anachronic circle, initiated in 2016 with Rites of Lunacy, 2018 with SOL and now concluded.
Recorded between the end of the pandemic lockdown and the beginning of the Ukranian invasion, the new record may be the darkest dreamweapon production so far.

Ars Moriendi, as referred in the late Middle Ages Latin texts, offers protocol and procedures to a good death. It is a messenger of hope, as you take control of the past, by acknowledging it and accept it, you take control of the future.

Available on super ltd transparent red vinyl from us in the UK & EU, and Little Cloud & Infinite Spin Records in the US.

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