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Firefriend - Witch Tales

Firefriend - Witch Tales

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Firefriend steps heavily in dissonance, noise, and experimentation, bringing on Witch Tales, a terrifying sound, one that finds on its shoegaze, free-jazz and psychedelic-rock roots the driving force to the hypnotic, bright and daring exploration of this LP. “Lost Drive-in” sets off a dark mood — and then “Trigger Warning” says watch out. The dystopian “Mountain View Acid Test” leads to “Witch-Hunt”, where jazz drummers & shoegaze kids kill each other with knives. “Komura Freak” miss its grunge roots, while “Supernatural Darkness” offers an ode to Allen Ginsberg. “Peace Eye” purposedly fails to break your heart and then “Singularity” buries all of it under layers of sound.


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