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Juju - Apocalypse Is God's Spoiler (PRE-ORDER)

Juju - Apocalypse Is God's Spoiler (PRE-ORDER)

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Releases March 15, 2024

JuJu is the brainchild of Sicilian multi-instrumentalist and producer Gioele Valenti , a key name in the European underground music scene. He is one half of acclaimed Occult Psych project Llay Lamas (Rocket Recordings). He is also the man behind Herself, a folktronica project that involved the likes of Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev, John Fallon of The Steppes and Amaury Cambuzat of Faust and Ulan Bator. He was also the guitarist of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. But without doubt his most important achievement to date, he is the creator of the unclassifiable JuJu. Championed by Goatman and Capra Informis of GOAT, JuJu have already released three albums (two on Fuzz Club Records) and has left a permanent mark in the international Psychedelic scene and beyond.

“For Valenti, the music and words conspire with ancient symbols and arcane memory, something buried deep in the collective unconscious of the Mediterranean, to give voice to a ‘drowning’ culture.”

“Just when you thought you might never want to hear another ‘psych rock’ album again in your life, along comes an artist who resets the coordinates and makes the past seem startling new again.”
—The Quietus (UK)

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