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Los Mundos - La Fortaleza del Sonido

Los Mundos - La Fortaleza del Sonido

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Layering driving guitar solos over hypnotic rhythms, the tracks on La Fortaleza del Sonido (“The Fortress of Sound” in English) evoke a hard-edged landscape that cuts across those things that could be used to divide us. From the hypnotic opening of “Esferas Protectoras” (“protective spheres”), to the slow and heavy energy tripped out “Círculos de Aves” (“bird circle”) to the mesmerizing Dead Mantra by Dead Skeletons tribute “Esqueletos Muertos,” La Fortaleza del Sonido reminds us that there is more to reality that what we can see.

La Fortaleza del Sonido, Los Mundos seventh full-length album, is the culmination of that journey: A tight collection of 11 tracks that reminds us what the world was like when guitar gods ruled with power equal to governments, uniting the worlds under the banner of rock. Take a trip with Los Mundos through La Fortaleza del Sonido to a strange, hypnotic world that is slowly reawakening.

Track 05. Prórroga del Fin, 06. Círculo de Aves, 07. Esqueletos Muertos and 11. Luz Perversa were recorded at and abandoned mine in the outskirts of Nuevo Leon.

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