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Lost Echoes - Stars

Lost Echoes - Stars

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‘’Steady pounding drum beats drive dire, distorted, restless textures laced with dense buzzing basslines, to weave excruciating, glistening and pain-filled guitar strains, echoing desolately over angsty longings, hanging in a dreary balance between a desperate stumbling wasteland and surreal lost time.’’ -WhiteLight/WhiteHeat

“Sonically lush and gorgeously produced.” - Brian Way, Host of The Spacerock Continuum podcast

"Stars crosses multiple genres, heavy on reverb and noise which makes it sure to be another winner!”-Richard Gehring, DKFM

Lost Echoes has appeared live with We Are Parasols, Xibling, Stargazer Lilies, Reveries, Ten Million Lights, Robots of the Ancient World, Daemones, True Primitives, This Blinding Light and Black Ferns. They also appeared at both the 2019 and 2022, Seattle Seagaze Festival.
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