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Mirror Revelations - AURA

Mirror Revelations - AURA

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Hailing from Toluca in Mexico and made up of multi instrumentalists Gabriela Alcalá and Alam Castillo, ‘Aura is an album of hypnotically charged uber kraut beat dream pop music. Maybe it’s the mushrooms/peyote but the music that Mirror Revelations have created for their debut LP is of a stunning ambiance for inner journeys to hallucinogenic highs.

The journey starts with ‘The Wave’ – as a transportitive wash of synths float in/out of the ether until emerging is that motorik rhythm that slowly creeps in as the synths and guitars begin the inner rush as you head into ‘Amoenus’ – it is a wonderfully spellbinding and entrancing opening for your new favourite psychedelic band.

Their gift for melody is apparent throughout and Gabriela and Alams breathy vocals riding atop irresistible synth drones and at times scuzzy and squalling guitars that THROB, and then their is THAT propulsive UBER metronomic beat – it is incredible viscerally and exciting, a heady cocktail of everything our ears love the most is served to your soul on Aura.

There’s a hypnosis around their music, a buzzy resonance that makes you long for physical immersion into the sounds created – Mirror Revelations are masters of cerebral transportation. Aura is a stunning debut LP - Sit back and watch them burn. Presented on translucent green vinyl with black splatter.

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