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Little Cloud Records

RAYON - Colour

RAYON - Colour

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Portland, Oregon based four-piece Rayon, fronted by main songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Eric Sabatino have a self-described sound as, “a life-long post punk and Sonic Youth fan trying to reconcile their love of The Kinks and 60’s British Pop”. An apt description if there ever was one.

Growing up in Michigan while playing shows/touring the Midwest and East Coast has provided a wealth of experience behind the unique and true to self sound that is Rayon. Drawing influences from the likes of Magazine, Manchester UK in the 80’s, The Kinks, The Cure, Lora Logic, Yoko Ono and Berlin era Bowie rings clear amongst Rayons ever growing catalog and sharp angular guitar lines; cutting through their captivating live performances like a well sharpened knife.

Their new LP, 'Colour' was conceived largely during the height of the pandemic, in hotel rooms and trailers along the PNW coastline. Recorded on a 16 track reel-to-reel, which broke and had to be replaced in the middle of recording the album presented some challenges, but pushing through all adversity can bring great results, all of which ring true with their new record. 'Colour' is releasing late Summer 2022 on vinyl and cassette tape via Portland based label, Little Cloud Records and is surely an essential addition to any music lovers collection. 

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