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Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Nocturnal Train to Mars

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor - Nocturnal Train to Mars

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**Releases February 2nd, 2024

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, a band synonymous with moody, electrifying psych rock, are preparing to unveil their highly-anticipated 6th studio album, "Nocturnal Train to Mars." This mystical journey through sound marks yet another milestone in their illustrious career, which has seen them crafting their unique sonic landscapes since their formation in 2009.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor have always dared to push the boundaries of psychedelic rock. What sets them apart is not only their haunting melodies, hypnotic bass lines, swirling atmospheres, and fuzzed-out guitar riffs but also their commitment to artistic autonomy. They record their music themselves in the aptly named Space Camp Studios, ensuring that every note and nuance captures their vision perfectly.

This trio has remained a tightly-knit unit since the very beginning, preserving their original lineup of Sean Morrow (vocals & guitar), Eric Oppitz (bass & keys), and Rick Sawoscinski (drums & percussion) throughout their extensive career. Their unwavering dedication has led them to embark on extensive tours across North America & Europe. They have shared the stage with acclaimed acts such as The Black Angels, The Dandy Warhols, King Buffalo, Temples, and The Budos Band, among others. These collaborations have further solidified their reputation as a band that not only crafts extraordinary music but also delivers unforgettable live performances. Their music has even found its way into episodes of the Showtime original TV Series “Shameless” and the feature film “Windwalkers.”

As they embark on this new journey with "Nocturnal Train to Mars," Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor continue to be torchbearers of a genre that thrives on pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration and taking listeners on a mesmerizing trip through the cosmos of music.

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