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Sun Atoms - Take This Love/And The Lion Saw The UFO (PRE-ORDER)

Sun Atoms - Take This Love/And The Lion Saw The UFO (PRE-ORDER)

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In a whirlwind of sonic serendipity, Portland psychedelic gaze-wave outfit Sun Atoms presents their new single 'Take This Love', a sonic odyssey that transports listeners to a realm of pure musical enchantment. On July 26th this 2-track single will be released via Little Cloud Records digitally and on 7" vinyl, previewing Sun Atoms' sophomore album.

Sun Atoms is made up of bassist Peter G. Holmström (The Dandy WarholsPete International Airport), vocalist Jsun Atoms (The Upsidedown, Daydream Machine), multi-instrumentalist June Kang, Mars de Ponte (LoveBomb Go-Go), L.A. drummer Eric Rubalcava and Boise native Derek Spencer Longoria-Gomez (Hi Hazel). 

Mixed by iconic producer Jagz Kooner (Massive Attack, Primal Scream, Oasis, Garbage) and mastered by Keith Tenniswood (Spiritualized, Death In Vegas), 'Take This Love' stands as a testament to Sun Atoms' commitment to musical innovation and creativity with Jsun Atoms delving into introspective realms, while pondering the “hieroglyphs in bright lights” illuminated by the desert stars. Its lyrical crowning blow lies in the line “take this love and shove it up your heart”.

'Take This Love' came to life in the wee hours of the morning following a transformative show in the enigmatic locale of Pioneertown. Once at Joshua Tree Recording Studios, the band found themselves ensconced in a creative fervor at 3am, recorded by Tommy Dietrick (The Brian Jonestown Massacre, David J, Mark Gardener, Smallstone, Sky Parade). As the desert sands whispered ancient mysteries, the band delved into uncharted territory, forging a unique sonic tapestry that transcends convention.
“We thought we'd be back earlier in the night, but hanging with friends after the show pushed us back a few hours. When we arrived at the studio, the house kit was already set up for our drummer, Eric. He and Tommy captured a driving thunderous rhythm, perfectly accenting the sequencing pattern June Kang brought in on the MPC. Peter came up with another one of his brilliant, hooky-pirate bass lines while our guitarist Derek tightroped the threshold of melody and fuzz. Enigmatic Martian muse Mars de Ponte added a celestial touch with ear-worm guitar leads and ethereal keys that linger long past the final chord. Peter later doubled the lead guitar line with a toy xylophone and Portland vocalist Allison Green (The Black Doors) also added her signature rich texture to the vocals," explains Jsun Adams.

Venturing into strange new sonic frontiers, the B-side 'And The Lion Saw The UFO' emerges as a sci-fi cautionary tale, resonating with experimental Krautrock beats and psychedelic textures. Initially recorded with Eric Crespo of experimental psych outfit Abronia, and featuring the illustrious Gregg Williams (Sheryl Crow, The Dandy Warhols) on hand drums, this auditory odyssey delves into dreamlike reverie, blurring the line between reality and imagination.


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