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The Asteroid No. 4 - Self-Titled (PRE-ORDER)

The Asteroid No. 4 - Self-Titled (PRE-ORDER)

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**Releases April 26th 2024

Asteroid #4 have created dimensions within their soundscapes by delicately weaving a balanced interplay between their instrumentals, and those songs with vocals … while underlying both, is a solid percussion, onto which they manage to construct these floating musical visions that are laced with middle eastern meandering sitars, destined to administer a pleasant dose of psychedelia, enough to last you through the night. Though unlike a chemical adventure, you can get back into this bit of wanderlust and beauty anytime you wish, where I assure you, that on each outing, you will be treated to something new, shown uncharted side-streets, and harvest moon visions of rapture.

– Jenell Kesler

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