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The Hologram People - Return to Chapel Perilous

The Hologram People - Return to Chapel Perilous

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Return To Chapel Perilous.. Original Motion Picture

The story so far...

It was the last thing they’d expected: Dreamlord and Komische’s megatube lights up bright red. “Holy hotrods!” Kosmische exclaimed. “It’s only Lord Barleycorn!”

The hapless Hologram City duo’s presence was requested—on Level 23 no less. Turns out our man Barleycorn got himself into a spot of intergalactic bother and it’s time for the boys to finally repay that favour. They’ve owed him big time—and Barleycorn isn’t one to let sleeping dogbots lie.

Arriving at Level 23 our two detectives receive their orders. They’d barely taken their first sip of an ice cool frippn’eno when Inspector Lee and the Nova Police crash through the walls, lunging right at them.

There’s only one thing they can do… 

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