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Twingle - Future Caviar (PRE-ORDER)

Twingle - Future Caviar (PRE-ORDER)

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Twingle is the moniker of songstress and multi instrumentalists Anna Sabatino based out of Portland, OR. Raised in a one room cabin in the small town of Evergreen, Colorado she began writing songs at young age featuring guitar and banjo. Her roots are in oldtimey folk and bluegrass, but later went on to realms of Experimental/Psychedelic/French pop which all work to cultivate her sound and melodic patterns. Her songs live somewhere in the realm of familiar but entirely unexpected. Twingle’s debut album Future Caviar coming out August 18th 2024, is a can of worms focusing on the personal lives of female writers of the 19th and 20th century. The album was recorded to tape in the garage of Anna and Eric Sabatino. Produced by their dear friend Tommy Hollywood.

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