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Venus Furs - Venus Furs

Venus Furs - Venus Furs

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Paul Kasner is a perfectionist in the same way Kevin Shields, Anton Newcombe, and Thurston Moore are perfectionists. So, it’s probably befitting that all three of the aforementioned artists were among the many influences on Venus Furs, the self-titled debut from Kasner’s solo moniker of the same name.

Call it a labor of love if you must. But delve into the intricacies of Venus Furs’ modus operandi and this is clearly a record that was meant to happen. It’s a collection of songs documenting people and situations dear to its creator. Indeed, Venus Furs took the best part of a decade to make.

The Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist took his time ensuring every single piece of this ever-changing jigsaw was in place before offering for public consumption. Lyrical themes vary from songs about walking into your own wake (“Page Before”) and failed relationships (“Fire In Her Eyes”) to depression and anxiety (“Paranoia”). While haunting opener “Chaos and Confusion” tells the story of a woman who’s cheated out of everything she owns in a game of cards by the dealer. Its harrowing tale is accompanied by a reverb heavy groove in a similar vein to The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Servo.”

Kasner’s impassioned vocal coupled with a range of experimentally layered sonics make for a cataclysmic blueprint, which makes Venus Furs an altogether appealing listen as a result. Galaxie 500, My Morning Jacket, and Dinosaur Jr. are obvious reference points, but there’s enough going on here to suggest Venus Furs is anything but a one trick pony. While also belying the fact this is all the work of one individual.

Ultimately, Paul Kasner has created a debut that serves as a fitting document for the whole of his 20s. Here’s to the next installment. (

-Dom Gourlay (Under The Radar)

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