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Vuelveteloca - CONTRA

Vuelveteloca - CONTRA

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Vuelveteloca presents their seventh studio album.

Three years after their last album, the foursome shares their new work, a 6 song album produced by Pablo Stipicic.

In 2019, after two years constantly playing live their last album Sonora (2017), Vuelveteloca felt it was the right time to start creating and recording new songs, before their two founding members leave Santiago to live in Spain for a while.

“The making process of this song was really different of what we were used to, because we got to the studio with barely a song structure, and incomplete lyric and some arrengement ideas, so we started recording with Pablo and trying new ideas until we got with the sound we wanted”

Composed by 6 new songs about dystopic future, time and space travels, pagan rituals, resurgence of hidden cultures, human body and nature, “CONTRA” follows the path and the sound evolution of Vuelveteloca, with a powerful rhythm section and heavy guitars, but also with new and fresh sounds and ideas.

“Its not a classic psychedelic rock album, not a pop album, it doesn’t even sound like a typical Vuelveteloca album, it is the most reckless side of the band”



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